Preston Wilson latest pickup

Uw3akwcj Nothing wrong with taking a flyer on Wilson, especially since it’s going to cost the Cards next to nothing. From what I’ve seen watching the game today he looks like he’s got plenty to prove after getting cut the Astros, smashing a liner for a single and a bomb to center field. He’s a plenty better platoon partner for Edmonds then So Taguchi, (.370/.495/.469 in his last 305 AB’s verses southpaws). And while we’re hearing the news is good on the Jimmy front, it’s not too shabby to have Wilson in your back pocket should Edmonds start getting whoozy again.  What ticks me off however…Anthony Reyes was sent down to make room. I know he’ll be back in September which gives Marquis enough time to turn back into Mr. Hyde so perhaps everything will be okay.

The word is Eckstein is out with an oblique strain. (This again?) With Aaron Miles as the backup shortstop I’d like to think Jocketty would hit the waiver wire again. Craig Counsell is on the mend and he’s not going to reclaim his job from the other Drew who is mashing in Arizona right now. Counsell is essentially the same player Eckstein is, plus a few inches, a bizarre batting stance and range. It’s not like Eck’s been lighting the world on fire anyway since his concussion (what’s with obliques and concussions this year?). If no Counsell, I’d like to see DanUp’s favorite pet Junior Spivey get the call up. Since Spivey’s tiff with Danny Sheaffer, Spivey’s been lighting it up for Memphis, hitting .286/.412/.679 in August. He’s only played 2 games and SS for his career, but I’d sooner see him then Miles.

EDIT: I was wondering where Wilson’s power has went this season and is very telling. See for yourself.

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A dramatic lift in grounders and decline in fly balls.


Preston looked great today. I certainly hope he can keep it up. I think the only reason they sent Reyes down was because Mulder could be making a start this week and everybody wants to know where we stand with him.


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